Download AI Sandbox v1.2.1

The latest version of AI Sandbox is 1.2.0 and can be downloaded from this page.

Native Installers

Installers for Mac, Windows and Linux are generated by EJ-Technologies multi-platform installer builder Install4J.

The native installer for Mac needs more testing, if you can help please get in touch.

Cross Platform JAR files

For more advanced users, you can run the sandbox using a Java Runtime Environment v11 and above.

Cross Platform (JAR File)

Latest Snapshot

Snapshots represent the latest (pre-release) changes in the codebase, and are only for the adventurous. They are automatically generated against the source code and are likely to contain bugs.



Compiling from source

To get the very latest changes or to write your own scenarios, you will need to compile the application from the files hosted on GitHub. More information is included here.